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Family Therapy

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Nancy Lewis

My mother (78) has no long-term care insurance. Between a pension, SS, and an anuity (no cash value) she earns about $3,400 / month. That is not anywhere near enough for even the lowest level for assisted living let alone skilled nursing. She will continue to get about this amount for the rest of her life.

I (51F) am her only caretaker, and I am facing serious diabetes and kidney failure. She is coming home from rehab today after yet another hospitalization, and the doctors really want her in assisted living. She has enough saved for a few months of private pay, but what then? There is no family who would be able to help, and she drove off her friends years ago.

What are the options? Does it change any if her palliative care team or doctor call APS, which they have said they might do soon? She is insistent that she will not go. I am wondering what other people have done on this situation


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